Free AM Rally Logging Software

The latest version of the AM Rally Logging software is here.

This sofware will allow you to keep a log, and, at your direction, upload it to the logging server when the event is completed. You may also print paper logs for your records.

We made it Easy, Easy, Easy! The installation is simple and painless, and the logger is very easy to use. The software will also (at your direction) upload your log to our logging server, so you will not need to email anything or retype anything into excel, or deal with paper logs. How easy is that, eh?

If you are new to the logger, be sure to read the Tips on using the logging software (below). These tips can save you a lot of time, and streamline your experience using the AMRally Logger.

How to download the latest installation kit

You will be asked whether you want to Save or Run the software. You can choose either, but Run is usually the easiest option. Note: Because you are downloading an executable file, your antivirus software may complain because you are installing a program from a downloaded executable file. You may have to tell your antivirus software to allow the download or installation to proceed.

  • Follow the simple installation prompts and complete the installation procedure.
  • The program will bring you into setup if this is your first time running the logger. Fill in the setup information.
  • You're ready to go! There is a help file included with the software. Go to the Help menu to view the help text.
  • Questions? Click here to contact us at

    Latest Version: 4.0.5

    • Download Windows Installer New Features: Fixed a bug - logs imported from ADIF (.adi) files were not uploaded properly. Not a major issue, but the country string name (as opposed to the dxcc entity) was not uploaded.

    Previous Versions

    • Version 4.0.4 - Download Windows Installer New Features: Adds support for ADIF (.adi) files. ADIF files can be imported into the logger for subsequent uploading to the logging server and/or to convert to the AM Rally log format.
    • Version 3.1.3 - Download Windows Installer New Features:Corrected a problem where the time would be 1 hour off on some systems. Added a feature to allow logging in GMT (UTC) instead of local time.

    Help File

    This is the logger help file if you wish to view it here. AM Logger Help File

    Testing and becoming familiar with the software

    Feel free to test and becoming familiar with the software. Enter your station information and create a test log. Upload it to the database as a test. We are going to remove all test and other logs just prior to the start of the event.

    A few tips on using the logging sofware

    • Entering the date and time You do not ever need to enter a date or time unless you want to do so. When you're ready to log a new station, click on the Date/Time box for the line in the logger you are going to use, and type the tab key. This will automatically fill in the date and time for you.
    • Entering a frequency If you have previously entered a frequency for a logged entry, you do not need to re-enter the same frequency again for a new entry. Simply type the tab key in the empty Frequency area of the new log entry, and the last frequency you have entered will be filled in for you.
    • When you have completed a log entry, typing the enter key will bring you to the start of the next line, and put the cursor in the Date/Time box. Typing the tab key here will automatically fill in the time for you, and move you to the next box in the log entry (frequency). Typing the tab key in the empty frequency box will fill in the last frequency you entered in a previous log entry.
    • Uploading logs to our logging server Feel free to upload your log while it is in progress, during the event. The logging server will create a new version of your log each time you upload. We will use the most recent log uploaded when tabulating the final results.
    Thank you for participating in the AM Rally!